My name is Nadia but you can call me Nny

Lesbian, industrial, electrodark, a little bit of gothic, poetry, art, Dianna Agron. Horror movies, gore, violins, books, Anne Rice, vampires, blood, rammstein, manson, evanescence, placebo, the gathering, sushi, mexican food, italian food. Nights, cold, vodka, heineken, water. sarah michelle gellar, buffy, faith, spike, spuffy. Johnny the homicidal maniac. Cigs! Love skulls, kind, thinker, delusional. videogames, silent hill, medal of honor, resident evil.

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requested by anon

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How the scene should have played out in my opinion. ;)

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Getting rid of the memories you left behind #2

Truth is, her skin now lingers on my fingertips.

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