My name is Nadja but you can call me Nad

Lesbian, industrial, electrodark, a little bit of gothic, poetry, art, Dianna Agron. Horror movies, gore, violins, books, Anne Rice, vampires, blood, rammstein, manson, evanescence, placebo, the gathering, sushi, mexican food, italian food. Nights, cold, vodka, heineken, water. sarah michelle gellar, buffy, faith, spike, spuffy. Johnny the homicidal maniac. Cigs! Love skulls, kind, thinker, delusional. videogames, silent hill, medal of honor, resident evil.

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Do you ever cry because of Cordelia Chase’s character development

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this show is incredible

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"Please tell me there will be pillowfights."

1x03 - Oh Kappa, My Kappa.

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